Make money with the Dogecoin Seniority Bonus FaucetHub 5

Due to the change in FaucetHub services we will suspend this faucet soon. SatoshiModels will continue to pay bitcoin through to its users on this page

We strongly recommend to open your account on to continue collecting faucets on this and other pages of our network of faucets that will pay bitcoin on every , , and minutes

Users who still want to get altcoins this faucet will continue under the domain of there you can get 18 different altcoins with us directly to

We highly recommend the wallet open your account is the alternative that works similar to FaucetHub with the advantage that you only need your user code to claim on all faucet pages

To maintain health, faucet pays the accumulated amount to your FaucetHub account every 20 minutes & 2 claims.

Check for yourself how we send payments

This Faucet Works in system to configure your wallet.

Get a wallet to link it to FaucetHub 

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[btc-faucet-total-paid id="346"] total paid to faucet hub users
[btc-faucet-ref-link id="346"] your reference link. Referral earnings 5%
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